Speacial Reason Why AKA Posted His Location

AKA’s friend has revealed the reason why the Touch My Blood rapper shared his location on what turned out to be his last day on earth.

Social media users have pointed out that AKA’s location check-ins and videos with geo-tags shared on his Instagram account were his undoing. However, it turns out there was a noble reason behind his actions.

AKA’s friend Philani Kweyama has revealed why the Caiphus Song rapper kept his fanbase updated on his whereabouts. Kweyama was one of the few people who came into contact with AKA hours before he was murdered in cold blood.

He says the multi-award-winning rapper was looking forward to trying out a new restaurant in Durban and getting a haircut. Philani Kweyama said AKA was constantly sharing his whereabouts on social media because he wanted to promote the places they were exploring in Durban.

He pointed out that the places that AKA posted the places on his social media out of his own volition.

“He called me earlier in the day and said, ‘Benni I know you got a new spot, let’s go check it out. I want to go cut my hair at your place. I keep hearing about the food and the fish at your place, I want to come eat at your place. Benni, don’t worry, today I’m going to promote your business, I’m going to post’. That’s why if you look at it he was all like that. He was there to support all of us, he was there to support Durban,” Philani Kweyama told the eNCA during a live interview.

Philani went on to recall the conversations they had on that fateful night during dinner.

Meanwhile, there has been speculation on social media that one of AKA’s friends set him up. However, AKA’s family has come out in support of the late rapper’s friends and have appealed to social media users to desist from pointing fingers at them.

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