Simz Ngema denies visiting Thabo Bester in jail, so who is the celebrity?

Simz Ngema, a former Muvhango actress, was recently at the centre of a social media uproar after being unjustly accused of visiting convicted criminal Thabo Bester in prison.

The rumours began with a Twitter account called “Man’s Not Barry Roux,” which claimed that Ngema had visited Bester when he was serving his life term at the Magaung Correctional Centre.

The charges spread like wildfire on social media, with trolls attacking Ngema and questioning her character. However, the Twitter commentator’s claims were unfounded because no evidence was provided to back up the allegations.

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Simz Ngema, who has been making headlines recently for rekindling her romance with baby daddy Tino Chinyani, took to Instagram to address the controversy. She shared a cryptic story that read,

“Stop trying to vilify his victims and using us as a tool for distraction and tell us the truth!”

The post seemed to imply that there was more to the story and urged people to focus on the real issues at hand.

The actress quickly became the talk of the town, with fans and followers speculating about the meaning behind her message. Many came to her defence, praising her for speaking out against the false accusations and demanding the truth be revealed.

However, shortly after sharing the post, Ngema deleted it from her Instagram story, leaving fans curious about her intentions. Some wondered if she had been advised to remove the message due to legal reasons, while others speculated that she might have wanted to avoid further controversy.

While Ngema has chosen not to comment further on the matter, her supporters continue to rally behind her, offering words of encouragement and urging others to focus on more important issues, such as supporting victims of crime.

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