DJ Fresh worried about stalker in his life

DJ Fresh has raised concerns about ‘someone’ who has ben stalking him by recently attending an event he was hosting without sn invite.

Writing on Twitter he said that he couldn’t understand how “someone that tried to ruin” him would attend his event.

Although he didn’t name the person, speculation now points to the woman who opened a sexual assault case against him and his industry peer, Euphonik, last year.

At the time, Fresh and Euphonik opened a case of defamation against their sexual assault accuser, claiming that she had falsely accused them of rape, but it was later dismissed.

“I swear I must be on a hidden camera show… why would someone that tried to ruin me with lies on social media, attend my event. An event I am doing with people she has said unkind things about” wrote Fresh on Twitter.

Adding to the comments, his fans are worried about his safety.

“You must always walk around like a hawk with your eyes opened Big Dawg… And keep praising your ancestors cause those are the ones who are insuring they give you energies to see these haters,” @Cellular_jnr wrote in response to Fresh’s tweet.

Despite the negative publicity that came with the rape allegations, it seems like Fresh’s events diary is still packed with his fan base growing.

This past weekend the DJ played at Exclusive All White, Greenhouse, Engadini Lifestyle Soweto and Extreme Lounge.

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