Lady Zamar reveals how she deals with bullying after Sjava incident

Singer Lady Zamar has had a fair share of drama, from rαpe claims against Sjava to cancel culture, and tweeps constantly dragging her. In the past three years and counting, the once-acclaimed singer-songwriter has barely had a music career worth mentioning.

This stems from allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse she made against her alleged ex, fellow musician Sjava. In 2019, the singer accused Sjava of rape. She claimed that the alleged rape incident happened in 2017 at the Porche-Villa Hotel and Conference Centre in Thohoyandou after a concert they attended.

“That morning, we were making out, kissing, and he had invited me into his hotel room. We had never been alone together, while this was happening, suddenly this person starts taking off my clothes and he rαped me,” she alleged.

The case was thrown out of court in 2020 due to insufficient evidence. Lady Zamar is arguably one of the most bullied celebs. She is constantly harassed, harassed, and trolling about the rape accusations, especially on Twitter.

According to Lady Zamar, she has survived by blocking negativity. “My mom would advise me back then not to read the negative comments on social media and it took me time to understand that. Right now, I don’t care, you all can keep talking. Clearly, my life is interesting. If people remember their studies, more than they remember my business, then they’d be happier.”

The Collide hitmaker says she is at a self-accepting phase of her life. “There is a lot of accepting I’ve had to do. A lot of introspection,” she told ZiMoja Lezinto.

“I used to think that other people’s actions reflected who I was. I used to believe that whenever someone treated me badly, it must have been something I have done. But I have learned that people’s actions are independent of me. They choose how they treat you and whether they will be nice to you and treat you with respect. All you have to do is live your best life.”
Lady Zamar reveals how she deals with bullying after Sjava incident

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