Actress Phindile Gwala Fails To Pay R100k Electricity Bill

The Johannesburg High Court has reportedly finally ordered Imbewu: The Seed Actress Phindile Gwala-Ngandu to settle her electricity bill. Last year December, the actress was taken to court after failing to settle her R100 000 outstanding electricity bill.

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Late last year, the City Press reported that a company by the name of Bramley Mews Body Corporate approached the Johannesburg High Court, with claims of Imbewu actress Phindile Gwala-Ngandu failing to settle an outstanding electricity bill of R100 000.

The case has been with the Johannesburg High Court since last year, December. However, the court has since ruled in favour of Bramley Mews Body Corporate and subsequently has ordered Gwala-Ngandu to pay an amount of R100 000 for her electricity bill or else risk getting disconnected, indefinitely.

“The Johannesburg High Court has ordered actress Phindile Gwala-Ngandu to settle an electricity and utilities bill worth over R100 000 or have her apartment disconnected from using power.” wrote the City Press

The public also learned that in December, Bramley Mews Body Corporate manager Clive Ginsberg revealed that Gwala-Ngandu abandoned her financial commitments, leading to failure to settle her bill. These outcomes compelled the corporate to escalate the matter to the Johannesburg High Court for Gwala-Ngandu’s cooperation.

“As it appears from the notice of motion, the applicant (Bramley Mews Corporate) seeks an order against the respondent (Phindile Gwala) for monetary payments regarding arrear levies and electricity charges, which are due to the applicant by the respondent. The applicant also seeks an order against the respondent for disconnection of the electricity supply to the section, pending full payment of arrear levies and electricity charges. This particular relief has necessitated the launching of this court application out of the above honourable court.” read the court documentation/ order

According to The South African, the corporate manager also told the City Press that the body corporate also obtained a court judgment in June 2020 due to nonpayment against Gwala-Ngandu’s assets.
“Judgment was granted against the respondent for the sum of R70 809.95 and on or about 22 March 2022, a warrant of execution was issued against the movable property of the respondent…to date hereof, the respondent failed and alternatively neglected, further refused to make payments in respect of special levies, normal levies, refuse recoveries and sewer/ effluent levies in full. As such, payments become due and payable to the applicant.”

“While a failure to pay every amount due to the applicant is prejudicial to it, a failure to effect payment of electricity consumption charges is the most prejudicial. The reason for this is that the body corporate is obligated, on a monthly basis, to effect payment of electricity consumption charges in respect of every section within its scheme, to the local council.”

Gwala-Ngandu has managed to keep mum following the court ordering her to settle an amount of R100 000 on unpaid electricity bills.


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