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ANC councillor Tebogo Sepale filmed having tlof tlof with a man

Controversial Twitter user, Man’s Not BarryRoux exposed ANC ward councillor Tebogo Sepale for bedding with both men and women who come to him seeking employment.


The accusations did not come without merit, there is a video proving his allegations.

“There is a video of Tebogo Sepale a ward 25 councillor in the city of Matlosana municipality, In Kanana township having sεx with another man. Tebogo has a tendency of using both men & women who go to look for employment. When there are projects he requests sεx before employing them.” Said Man’s not BarryRoux.

Beitbridge woman caught having tlof tlof at lodge is a serial cheater

Mr Sepale is actually a married man who got married to a woman last year In December according to reports.

To protect the woman we will not be naming Tebogo Sepale’s wife.

>>Click Here To Watch Video<<

Please note that the video is not for sensitive viewers and is not for persons under the age of 18. User discretion is advised.

IN OTHER NEWS; Sithelo Shozi accused of taking drugs

Sithelo Shozi is rumoured to be doing drugs following a viral video.

In a video shared by Musa Khawula, the DJ can be seen contorting her jaws (supposed lockjaw – a side-effect of some drugs) while taking selfies.

People who are familiar with drug users jumped at the comment to affirm that Sithelo Shozi is gradually becoming a drug addict.

Comments read like this:

“Futhi Andile did himself a favour by leaving this woman for his former jollofina queen.”

“It’s called lockjaw..caused by taking ecstasy/MDMA, lsd, perks or other pills.” READ MORE>>>

ANC councillor Tebogo Sepale vdeotaped having tlof tlof with another man

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