Watch: Groom exposes cheating bride before exchanging wedding vows

We’ve heard many stories about brides and grooms being unfaithful just before the wedding.

Most unfaithful behaviour occurs during the bachelor or bachelorette party, where both male and female strippers are present, providing what many call the perfect opportunity for temptation.

This groom took the opportunity to let all his guests know the reason why he won’t be exchanging rings and wedding vows, as his bride was caught in a video being unfaithful.

A TikToker took to the platform to repost the video where a wedding officiator is seen asking a question that makes every couple nervous because it means the wedding could potentially come to an end.

“Is the anyone here who has any reason whatsoever why these two should not join, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Now, when this question gets asked, a wedding guest or wedding crasher is expected to get up or walk into the church to stop the wedding.

However, in this wedding, things took a surprising turn as the groom was the one who responded to the question.

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Before saying anything, the groom looked around to see who might be objecting and realised no one had gotten up He sarcastically said: “Oh, this is beautiful, this is so beautiful.”

He then looked at the officiator, raised his hand and said: “Well, I have something I’d like to say.”

He continued to thank all his guests for coming to celebrate their wedding together with them.

He turned to look at his bride with a smile and professed his love to her.

“I love you; I truly love you. There’s one thing I want to talk to you about, but I couldn’t figure out the words to express it. So, I figured the best way to bring it up to you would be to show you.”

The groom then proceeds to pull out a remote to press play on a video that shows the bride with another man making out. The bride takes her bouquet of red and white flowers to cover her face.

Unfortunately, the video ends there, but that didn’t stop users of the app from sharing their opinions.

With most users in support of the groom, one said: “Perfect way to expose her, in front of family and friends. She deserved that.”

Another jumped on the comment section to discuss the bride’s reaction and said: “She’s not embarrassed because she cheated; she’s embarrassed because it’s on film and she’s caught.”

Another congratulated the groom for choosing this way to expose the bride: “I mean, with that move, she can’t twist it with her family and blame him. Boss move.”


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