Nadia Nakai gives up on love: “I’m never doing it again

Nadia Nakai is giving up on love

Taking to her Twitter timeline she wrote a brief note, without going into detail.

“I’ve been so unlucky with love. I’m never doing it again,” she tweeted.

In her mentions her followers were encouraging her to keep the faith.

“One thing about AKA, he loved out loud and wholeheartedly. But the one thing that totally inspired me about him was his willingness to always give love a chance, just one more chance, just this one time. I’ll pray for you to give love one more chance when you’re ready,” replied one.

“Give yourself time to heal, you are still hurt and afraid you won’t find someone that will love and support you like Kiernan . He will always be your man but also he wouldn’t want you to be alone and lonely. He would want you to smile and be happy again,” replied another.

The rapper recently posted on her Instagram timeline.

Nadia Nakai said she hoped to get to a point where she could remember AKA without getting emotional.

“So many spaces I’m in where I can’t help but imagine you in them,” she wrote.

“I can’t wait to get to the point where I think about you and smile, and not think about you and hold back my tears.”

After going back to her music again, she shared her gratitude for everyone that has been by her side.

“Sometimes I feel I’m undeserving of the support, the messages, the hugs and love from my friends, family, fans, as well as the venues I worked this weekend. It really gave me hope that I will be OK … There are so many genuinely good people out there and I’ll never take it for granted. Thank you, guys!”



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