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Xolani Khumalo Receives Death Threats From Drug Dealers Over Sizok’thola Show

Moja Love’s Xolani Khumalo, the host of the Sizok’thola show, who exposes drug cartels and syndicates, many of which are Nigerian drug lords, now lives in constant fear of being assassinated after receiving death threats from unidentified drug dealers.

Khumalo hosts the DStv channel 157 show, Sizok’thola, which cracks down on drug lords, syndicates and other crimes.

Khumalo does this alongside law enforcement and investigative journalists.

Sizok’thola Host Receives Death Threats

According to Sunday World, Khumalo and Tau have been receiving messages threatening to assassinate them should they not cancel the show. As a result, the pair has had to beef up their security.

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“Because of the death threats made on them, their security measures have been heightened, leaving nothing to chance,” said the source.

The drug dealers are said to be possibly working with rogue policemen and women.

Another source told the South African that unknown people have been following the pair and driving past Tau’s Johannesburg house.

Bokani Moyo, who is the Head of Channel, said that they are aware of the death threats.

“Station is aware of the threats made to the lives of its CEO and presenter were taking when we agreed to broadcast the show. We are obligated to highlight issues that affect society, as drugs and crime are negatively impacting our communities,” said Moyo.

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Moyo further said that they are doing all they can to ensure the Sizok’thola host and their CEO’s safety. The channel said, however, no amount of intimidation will make them Cann the show.

Khumalo said: “I am not going to be intimidated and stopped from doing my job. It is our responsibility as South Africans to make sure that we root out all criminal elements in our society.

“As Sizok’thola team, we are still going to expose more wrongdoers. We need to rid our country of drugs and crime.”

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