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Mpumelelo Mseleku vows to have more wives than his father

Mpumelelo Mseleku, the charismatic son of renowned polygamist Musa Mseleku, has vowed to emulate his father and have more wives than his father currently has.

He opened up I’m an interview on The Venting Podcast where he revealed  his intentions to follow in his father’s footsteps and have more than one wife, but with a modern twist.

Mpumelelo Mseleku Vows to Surpass His Father's Polygamous Legacy
Mpumelelo Mseleku Vows to Surpass His Father’s Polygamous Legacy (Image Credit: Instagram@sbindi_mseleku/@musamseleku)

Understanding that polygamy is not merely about money or tradition, Mpumelelo expressed his desire to ensure he can provide for the emotional and financial needs of multiple women. He revealed,

We have a lot of girlfriends, and then there would be one woman you choose to take home to introduce to the family. It’s crucial to date and get to know many women before making a life-long commitment, as betrayal can be devastating.”

With an unapologetic love for women, Mpumelelo emphasized that his decision was not influenced by his father. He admitted,

I love women.If I was doing this for my father, I couldn’t continue. I love the lifestyle, and I am determined to pursue it. The number of wives I plan to have will surpass my father’s, but that’s a secret for now.”

Furthermore, Mpumelelo bravely acknowledged that he has engaged in casual relationships outside of his committed partnerships. Queen Lolly, also known as Nomfundo Shezi, was among those he mentioned. This revelation showcases his openness and willingness to explore various aspects of relationships while being true to himself.

Receiving His Father’s Blessings: Mpumelelo Mseleku’s Polygamous Pursuit Earns Approval and Encouragement from Musa Mseleku

Mpumelelo’s father, Musa Mseleku, a well-respected polygamist and successful businessman with four wives, expressed his satisfaction with his son’s decision. He emphasized the importance of Mpumelelo being genuine and accountable for his own choices.

Mpumelelo has to answer to himself as a person. He must determine if this is truly what he desires, rather than merely following my example. To succeed in this lifestyle, he must fully embrace it, love it, and live it for himself,” Musa explained.

Musa acknowledged that while he may not be thrilled about his son following in his footsteps, he takes pride in Mpumelelo’s independent decision. He believes that if Mpumelelo takes ownership of his choices, he can extend the vision of their family’s polygamous legacy.

I have an obligation as his father to say, ‘My son, I’m not excited by the fact that you’re following in my footsteps, but what will excite me is that you, as a grown-up man, take a decision, you own the decision, to live this kind of a lifestyle ..” he said.


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