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Man goes berserk kills daughter-in-law in savage attack

In a horrifying incident that has sent shockwaves through Goromonzi, a 58-year-old man mercilessly struck his daughter-in-law with a fatal blow from an axe, before tragically consuming a lethal poison to end his own life.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Farai Rupondo, a resident of Njerere Village, Juru, committed this heinous crime on Saturday, 13th May. Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi shared the devastating details, stating:

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is currently investigating a chilling murder case involving Farai Rupondo (58), who brυtally killed his daughter-in-law, Maybe Boboneya (20), before ultimately taking his own life by consuming poison on 13th May 2023 in Njerere Village, Juru.”

Armed with bottles, petrol, and an axe, Farai Rupondo deliberately set fire to a thatched bedroom hut where his son, Shepherd Njerere (34), Maybe Boboneya, and their two-year-old infant were sleeping.

Shepherd Njerere managed to escape from the burning room through a window but suffered a vicious attack, as he was struck in the face with a bottle. Meanwhile, the innocent infant fell victim to the savage blows of the axe, leaving the tiny neck brutally injured. Maybe Boboneya endured a fatal blow to her head and left leg, tragically losing her life at the scene.

Emergency services rushed the injured infant to Shamva Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

The motive behind this appalling act of murder remains unknown, leaving the community bewildered and in disbelief.

The alarming increase in murder cases across Zimbabwe in recent years has raised serious concerns about the mental well-being of those responsible for these senseless crimes.

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