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Woman Dies After Pari Doctors Mistakenly Cut Intestines During C-Section

A woman reportedly died at Parirenyatwa hospital on Wednesday after doctors mistakenly perforated her intestines during c-section delivery.

The 34 -year-old woman whose name could not be ascertained but is related to the President of Transform Zimbabwe, Jacob Ngarivhume suffered misfortune during childbirth.

Taking to social media, Zimbabwe government critic Ngarivhume said she got an infection and all efforts to save her were in vain.

“For the past week I have been helping my sister look after her daughter. She passed on yesterday. She was 34. She died after going through a C-section operation to deliver her third baby at Pari. The doctors made a mistake and cut her intestines. She then developed an infection.

“They took her for a second operation to correct the error this didn’t work. A 3rd procedure was planned to clean her up but sadly she suffered a cardiac arrest and died,” he said.

He decried the poor state of the country’s health system since she died because of lack of proper medical equipment.

“During her care, she was put on an obsolete ventilator in the ICU at Pari. This country has gone to the dogs. 😭😭😭”, he said.

Sadly, Harare Live has established that there are many such incidences recorded in the country and elsewhere in the world where doctors mistakenly cut other organs during c-sections.

Another victim said he lost his wife at the same hospital,

“On 13 June 2015 my wife Fungisai Olivia Dube mate the same fate in the same hospital after giving birth to our baby girl Chiedza now, 7yrs now. I think there must be laws to punish these docs for such mistakes.”

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Another also said the same;

“My friend lost his wife in March exactly the same way. Senior doctors delegate trainees without supervision. The senior Dr is only phoned when something has gone wrong
Senior Dr’s will be at their surgery they get nothing from govt
We need new leaders”

According to Davis & Davis, Birth injuries caused by the incorrect cutting of the bowel duct are among the risks that mothers face when having a C-section.

A surgeon may accidentally pierce the bowel duct while making the incision for the C-section. While it may be difficult to detect at first, the mother typically experiences a gradual decline in health followed by a more rapid onset of potentially life-threatening complications, such as a high fever caused by internal fecal matter leakage.

When the bowel duct is perforated, fecal matter and other bodily waste wind up leaking and infecting healthy tissue and organs. Many victims experience excruciating stomach pain followed by a high fever and increasingly lower blood pressure.

The longer the problem goes unchecked, the more likely the mother will suffer a potential loss of life. Surgery is the only solution and often includes multiple procedures to ensure that the wound is closed and all fecal matter is rinsed and washed from internal organs and other threatened tissue.

A long stay in an expensive intensive care unit could trigger medical malpractice claims.

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