Emtee confirms divorce rumours sneers at Ambitouz Ent return

Emtee truly personifies the essence of his breakout hit single, Roll Up, with its timeless advice that “If she’s tripping leave the b**** alone”.

In a twist of events, it appears that the rapper has confirmed the end of his marital bond with his wife, Nicole Chinsamy, as their relationship hits a rocky road.

Emtee Confirms Divorce and Leaves the Drama Behind


The news that the rapper is divorcing his wife comes after the rapper was arrested for assaulting his wife before she withdrew the charges against him in March when the rapper appeared in the Midrand magistrate’s court for allegedly “beating her” on Valentine’s Day in February.

According to recent reports from TshisaLIVE, he has now relocated from the flat he once shared with Nicole. He currently resides with a friend in Fourways, having initiated divorce proceedings last month.

Amidst this tumultuous situation, a fan took it upon themselves to admonish the rapper on Twitter. They criticized him for displaying an intense interest in a video vixen featured in the Roll Up music video.

The fan felt compelled to remind Emtee that he is a married man, cautioning him about the commitment he has to his wife.

In response, the rapper cunningly asked the fan to clarify which wife they were referring to, subtly hinting at the complications surrounding his marital status.

“Which one?,” Emtee asked the fan.

Emtee Addresses Ambitiouz Entertainment Reunion Rumours

In other news, Emtee has addressed rumours of a reconciliation with his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

According to a report by ZiMoja, Emtee and Ambitiouz were working behind the scenes for a possible reunion.

The report left some of the rapper’s fans confused, with one individual seeking confirmation from the horse’s mouth.

“Is Emtee going back to Ambitiouz Ent?,” read the tweet.

Emtee’s response to the question clarified that he has no intentions of returning to his former label.

“To do what?,” Emtee tweeted.

Despite Emtee’s statement, some of his Twitter followers have inquired about why the record label has re-uploaded some of his music videos.

“They uploaded Avery and Manando album on YouTube yesterday, I was even shocked too,” read the tweet.

In response, Emtee claimed that it’s all part of a money-driven scheme, asserting that the record label is struggling.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” tweeted the talented artist.

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