Makahadzi kow tows to Macheso in show of respect

Zimbabweans on social media are thrilled after seeing South African hitmaker Makhadzi bowing to greet sungura maestro Alick Macheso.


Alick Macheso In The UK

Macheso is currently in the United Kingdom, billed to perform at the JamAfro Festival later today at Ramgarhia in Leicester.

The festival has a sterling lineup which includes Sulu Chimbetu, South Africa’s Makhadzi, Botswana crooner Vee Mampeezy and Ugandan singer Winnie Nwagi.

The African musicians touched down in the UK yesterday and got to hang out and familiarise themselves.


Humble Makhadzi Meets Alick Macheso


Alick Macheso Makhadzi
Zimbabweans Ecstatic as Makhadzi Pays Homage to Alick Macheso [Image: Screenshot/Facebook/H-Metro]


Alick Macheso and Makhadzi bumped into each other as dusk slowly crept into the Leicester air. The Murahu hitmaker was leaving one building which the Makazvinzwepi hitmaker was getting into, and they met at the door.

As soon as Makhadzi sees Macheso, she falls to her knees and bows down. The MaGear hitmaker lowers her head in obeisance and stretches her hand to greet the Zimbabwean music legend.

As humble as can be, Macheso also crouches and smiles as he shakes the singer’s hand. Makhadzi then gushes, “How are you, Baba?”


Alick Macheso Makhadzi
Zimbabweans Ecstatic as Makhadzi Pays Homage to Alick Macheso [Image: Screenshot/Facebook/H-Metro]


The visibly starstruck singer is blushing at this point and confesses how thrilled she is to be finally meeting Macheso. She also reveals that she spoke to Mr Brown, requesting that he produces a song for her that she wants to feature Alick Macheso on.

The Limpopo star has always been a big fan of Macheso, and she even does his trademark “Borrowdale” dance whenever she performs on stage.

Watch the heartwarming encounter below.

Zimbos Thrilled By Makhadzi’s Humility

Zimbabweans were delighted by Makhadzi’s gesture.


“Thank you, Makhadzi, for that show of respect. Some women feel like it’s disrespectful for them to humble themselves to their elders, but it’s not. It’s the pinnacle of true African culture.”

Mai Chikomana:

“The reason I love Venda ladies. Look at her humbleness when greeting our father.”


“If you listen to her interview on 1Magic, she said she grew up listening to Macheso and Mtukudzi in Limpopo.”


“I like your humbleness Makhadzi. It shows there are people where you come from. Live long…ayayaaa.”


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