Babes Wodumo Killed Mampintsha’s Mother: Fans Charge

While Mzansi laments the unexpected and sudden passing of Mampintsha’s mother, Babes Wodumo, her daughter-in-law, has found herself in the middle of chaos as she is being accused of being repsonsible.

Just over a month after her son’s passing, Mampintsha’s mother died last night.

After hearing about her passing, haters began accusing Babes Wodumo of being the reason Mampintsha’s mother passed away.

Netizens argued that Babes Wodumo worsened Mampintsha’s mother’s condition because of her ‘antics.’

It is no secret that Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law Zama Gumede did not see eye to eye.

However, recently Babes Wodumo decided to bury the hatchet at Mampintsha’s funeral when she extended an olive branch to her mother-in-law following a year-long public spat.

“I want to forgive you for all your sins because I am a child of a pastor, and I am saved. I forgive you. May whatever it is that is making us fight end today,” Babes Wodumo said.
Babes Wodumo went on to embrace Mampintsha’s mother as the crowd cheered and cameras flocked to them.

Babes Wodumo hugging  Mampintsha’s Mother(Image Credit: Twitter @DR_CEO)
Babes Wodumo hugging Mampintsha’s Mother(Image Credit: Twitter @DR_CEO)

Even though Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law had kissed and made up before she died, some netizens are still dragging the singer on social media, accusing her of causing her mother-in-law’s death.

Check out some of the reactions;


Babes wodumo killed that old lady mxm


Babes waba qeta one by one


Although she was devastated about Mampintsha’s passing but I feel that Babes worsened the situation by her behaviour not mourning for Mampintsha. This is so sad


Babes wodumo must be happy, she couldn’t even settle her Mother-in-laws Hospital bills


..And sadly, Babes Wodumo didn’t make things any better for her. May her soul rest in peace!

Some social media users came to Babes Wodumo’s defence, attacking those who were claiming the Wololo hitmaker of causing her mother-in-law’s death. Tweeps argued that Babes Wodumo had nothing to do with Mampintsha’s mother’s death. Netizens echoed that Zama was already sick before she died.-iHarare

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