Kenyan police arrest parents of grade 6 pupil who beat up and knifed her teacher

Police in Kenya reportedly arrested the parents of a grade six pupil after he beat up a teacher.

Garissa County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich on Monday, May 29, explained that the class six pupil had beaten up and stabbed a female teacher after an altercation.

He warned parents that the behaviour would not be condoned and that they would be held responsible for such incidents.

“We arrested the parents so that they can realize it is a must to maintain the rule of law,” he stated.

He added that it was shameful to have students beating up their teachers.

The student reportedly left in a huff after an argument with the teacher. He came back armed with a knife planning to chop her ear off.

Cherutich revealed that in future if such an incident happened again, both the student and parents would be arrested.

“We will not allow teachers to be threatened, intimidated or chased out of schools.

“We had another headteacher here who was chased away forcing him to get a transfer,” the Commissioner explained increasing incidences of teachers being frustrated by parents and students in Garissa County.

He added that another school principal was being hounded out of a school in the county.

“We must protect our teachers and give them the latitude to do their work as that is the only way to ensure their productivity,” he stated.

The Commissioner revealed that without such discipline, the county would lag behind in terms of academic performance.

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