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Man divorces wife because of her beauty

In an odd turn of events, a 40-year-old Zambian man has requested a divorce from his wife because of how beautiful she is.

Arnold Masuka has taken the unprecedented step of filing for divorce, citing his wife’s outstanding beauty as his justification. Officials and witnesses were astounded by this shocking news at a local court in the capital city of Lusaka.

According to Ripples Nigeria, during the proceedings, Masuka shocked those present when he candidly expressed to the judge that his wife, Hilda Muleya, possessed a beauty that had caused him countless sleepless nights.

He made this unusual request since his wife’s allure had grown to be an overpowering source of fear for him.

Masuka testified to the court that he always worried about the potential of losing his wife to another man and that this kept him in a constant state of terror.

He was now so terrified that he was reluctant to leave Hilda alone or even to leave the house for work due to the persistent worry that she would be seduced by other suitors.

Hilda, who was born in Gokwe, Zimbabwe, was the definition of beauty in Masuka’s eyes. None of the ladies he had ever met had ever captured his attention the way she did.

His nervousness was fueled by this strong desire, which had turned into a blessing and a burden, leading him to pursue this unorthodox legal course of action.

It was clear to the court as it listened intently to Masuka’s passionate plea that his actions were motivated by genuine concern for his wife’s welfare. It remained to be seen whether ending their marriage was a workable solution.

Arnold Masuka’s marriage ultimately lay in the court’s hands, which would weigh the ramifications of his motion for dissolution.

Twitter users were startled by Arnold Masuka’s request.


“So when he divorces, will he sleep well, or will he think again how another man took her?”


“Continent of firsts 😂.


“The guy is insecure.”


“A person who marries a beautiful wife and a farmer who grows corn along the road suffer in the same way.”

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