Eusebius Mckaiser’s last tweet before dying leaves Mzansi heartbroken

Well-known South African analyst, journalist and author Eusebius McKaiser has left Mzansi reeling in pain after seeing his final tweets before his passing.

The social critic died yesterday, 30 May 2023, after suffering from a suspected epileptic seizure. He was 45.

Mckaiser was a prominent voice in the media and a fearless commentator on social and political issues. He was also a former Rhodes scholar and a world champion debater. His death has sent shockwaves across the journalism community and the country.

His manager Jackie Strydom told TimesLIVE that McKaiser was going about his business normally and showed no signs of sickness. Jackie was heartbroken.

“It all happened so quickly. His partner Nduduzo Nyanda is at the mortuary with his family. I am so distraught. I can’t believe this.”


Eusebius McKaiser’s Last Tweets Break Hearts

His good health and wellness before the sudden seizure can be seen in his last tweets, showing someone well-engaged online.

His last set of tweets has left fans and admirers alike broken.

The first report of McKaiser’s death was published at 15.37. His manager revealed that he died early in the afternoon.

His last tweet was posted at 13.05, possibly minutes or a few hours before he died. It was about the trending amputee dancer Musa Motha, who blew the world away with his epic dancing on Britain’s Got Talent.

It read:

The 5-minute doccie about the childhood of Musa Motha is worth watching too. #PuffNPass

The tweet he pinned on his profile was scared at 11.22, hours before his death. He said:

“STOP what you’re doing. Right now. You need to watch this. Wow. I … am speechless & ran out of tears. Also, retweet so Musa Motha becomes a household name in SA and not just a star on a UK show. This is the inspiration you needed for this week.”

Sadly, Eusebius McKaiser is gone now.


Eusebius McKaiser's Last Tweets
Farewell Whispers: Eusebius McKaiser’s Last Tweets Strike a Chord, Unleashing Mzansi’s Emotions [Image: Facebook/Eusebius McKaiser]


South Africans mourned on his tweets:


“Here one minute gone the next, life is too precious to live in hate, pride is too toxic to factor in life, humble and motivational you seem to have been, even with a few hours to go, you still thought to be inspirational and forever pinned a gem.”


“What an inspirational final tweet! The performance left me speechless and goosebumpy. Rest in peace.”


“Just before the sentence of your life got its stop, you made us stop and realise that with every loss, there is a message of inspiration. May you rest in peace. Your critical narrative will be sorely missed.”


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