Mai Titi asked to also leak ex-husband’s images and this is what she did

In coping with her estranged husband Tinashe Maphosa, who is accused of leaking graphic images of her, Mai Tt has opted to be dignified.

The well-known comedian and social media personality is experiencing backlash as the intimate photos become viral online.

In a message posted online, Mai Tt addressed the issue head-on and claimed that Tinashe Maphosa and socialite Ketty Masomera conspired to distribute the graphic images. After their failed attempt to collect money from her through blackmail, this plot was born.

When Mai Tt’s passionate fan base and other Facebook users saw the statement, they swamped the comments area on her official Facebook page.

Mai Tt Objects To Reatalate Ex-husband Tinashe Maphosa

A person by the name of Edline Ruzive jokingly questioned whether Mai Tt had any unflattering images of Tinashe Maphosa that she may post online in revenge.

“Ko imi hamuna pic Tinashe hre asinawo kupfeka tionerere zvedu 😂,”Edline Ruzive asked amusingly.

However, Mai Tt subtly conveyed that despite having compromising pictures of her former spouse, she would not expose them. She emphasized that sharing such photos would amount to revenge porn, which is a criminal act.

“Edline Ruzive revenge porn is illegal I can never post some ones nudes because there s a law that haitenderere regai vaposte ivo,” Mai Tt responded to Edline Ruzive.

Tinashe Maphosa In Hot Water Over Mai Titi’s Leaked Pictures


In related news, Tinashe Maphosa is in hot water after allegedly leaking explicit pictures of Mai Tt in an act of revenge porn.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mai Tt confirmed that she had reported the incident to the police and expressed confidence that the law would hold Maphosa and Ketty accountable.

“I have opened a case against Tinashe and Ketty for leaking nude pictures I posed for Tinashe during the subsistence of our marriage. Tinashe leaked the pictures to Ketty and the two will face justice locally and abroad,” she told the tabloid.

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