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South Africans Defend Sizokthola’s Xolani Khumalo After Drug Died In Their Hands

South Africans have come to an unusual defence of popular drug buster Xolani Khumalo who heads the show Sizokthola which airs on Moja LOVE.

This is after a drug dealer they had busted reportedly died while they were interrogating him.

Robert “Kicks” Varrie died while being questioned and it has been confirmed that the crew was in the vicinity when tragedy struck.

As a result, Moja LOVE said in a statement that an investigation has been opened.

Hands Off Xolani

Following the incident, Sout Africans believe that mainstream media is only focusing their attention on Xolani and his crew because of a murder but are not acknowledging his work before.

They claim that Man’s NOT Barry Roux had this to say;

Xolani Khumalo has been cleaning our streets for many months & the newspapers wrote nothing about it, suddenly a drug dealer dies and every newspaper is writing about this story. Who is their boss kahle kahle? It’s like someone is instructing them to cover this story! #Sizokthola

The accusations against Xolani Khumalo & the #Sizokthola crew were bound to happen. Our government and politicians are founded by these drug dealers. Drug dealers know SA is the safe zone because of their close links with those in power. This is the first warning to Xolani

Xolani don’t kill people, he prevent people from being killed by the killers who sell drugs to kill the community. South Africa must rally behind Xolani Khumalo. No organization or political party should be allowed to intimidate him. #Sizokthola

Kwena Molekwa@Ruraltarain_2

Myself I can’t say I’m surprised, the State always does! They kill Whistleblowers, Witnesses, Activists & Crime Fighters, ofcourse they’ll all want to swallow Xolani Khumalo & close #Sizokuthola! We don’t care if that drug dealer died honestly, what about his drugs victims who



Is it not strange that Xolani Khumalo and the #Sizokthola crew exposed so many drug dealers, including corrupt government officials, yet none of these stories made headlines? However, now that a drug dealer has died unexpectedly, all the mainstream media outlets are reporting.

Protect Xolani Khumalo

The show has been getting rave reviews since its premiere, with many calling for the protection of the crew as they continue to sweep through drug hot spots.

ATM leader Vuyo Zungula recently penned a lengthy letter to Police Minister Bheki Cele and Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola.

“I am writing to draw your immediate attention to a matter of utmost urgency concerning the safety and security of the host and crew members of the television show Sizokuthola, on Moja Love, and the lack of prosecution of the drug dealers exposed by Sizokuthola, a show primarily focused on exposing drug dealers by Xolani. As a result of his courageous work as the host of Sizokuthola, he has become the target of numerous threats to his life.”

Moja LOVE’s Statement On Mysterious Death

While the channel waits for autopsy results to determine the cause of death, it has vowed to cooperate with any investigations that may be initiated.

The statement read:

“Based on information currently at our disposal, we are advised that following a community tip-off, the crew on July 19, 2023, attended a drug bust in Katlehong and did so in conjunction with community law enforcement groups, as is customary, that are recognised by the local SAPS. It is our understanding that the information received by the crew and the local community groups was credible and verifiable.

“We understand that during the bust, which was conducted within the confines of the law, the suspected drug dealer, now deceased, who is now known as Robert ‘Kicks’ Varrie, resisted co-operating with the lawful instructions of the recognised members of the community policing forum, who were dressed in their uniforms and had their credentials.

“Following persistence by the members of the community policing forum, the deceased agreed to hand over the illegal drugs that he had been hiding at the premises.

“While Moja Love can confirm that the crew was within the vicinity of the premises when the deceased was being questioned, the channel is still investigating the circumstances that led to the deceased having to be allegedly rushed to the hospital. We will wait for the official autopsy results for the cause of death. The show continues to work with law enforcement agencies, and in each of the shows, case numbers are shared, including that the suspects are or were handed over to the authorities for further investigations and legal processes.”

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