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Gigi Lamayne Offers To Pay Lawyer Willing To Have Nthabiseng Nhlapo Face Justice For Hitting Toddler

Popular rapper Gigi Lamayne has offered to pay a lawyer willing to take up the case of a woman who has gone viral on social media after being seen on video mercilessly kicking a toddler. The woman, who reportedly goes by the name Nthabiseng Nhlapo, is alleged to have targeted the child to spite the little one’s father.

“Apparently this is Nthabiseng Nhlapo who made a video of her kicking her child just to send to the Father of the child,” reads a tweet accompanying the shocking video.

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The 13-second video is still being shared on Twitter and could be deemed too upsetting to be included in the article. The child is shown being repeatedly kicked while lying on the ground before breaking down in sobs. Nthabiseng’s face is not visible in the footage, but others close to the event allege she is the person in front of the lens. For those who are courageous enough to view the video, you can click here.


The video has, as predicted, outraged many on Twitter, who are currently calling for Nthabiseng to be arrested for child abuse. Others feel that having the police swoop down on her is being too gentle, and they have vowed to take matters into their own hands.

@Bikofiles wrote: “Allow the community to “talk” to Nthabiseng Nhlapo. SAPS must stay out of this one. Kids are off limits!”

Rapper Gigi Lamayne has offered to foot the legal bill for any lawyer willing to take the matter up and have Nthabiseng prosecuted.

@RicardoElle wrote: “This Nthabiseng story is the reason I encourage women to have children when they want them and when they ready not because you’re inlove married or some boy said so, children are forever an relationships ke di piece job (relationships are temporary)”

@EvodiaFaith wrote: “This Nthabiseng Nhlapho hun??? Imagine what she has been doing to the poor baby off camera”

While @BuhleeMav said: “To every women out there, hating & abusing YOUR child whom YOU bonded with for 9 months just because your baby daddy is nolonger with you is insane Nthabiseng Nhlapho must go to jail”

Rapper Gigi Lamayne has offered to fund any lawyer willing to help get Nthabiseng Nhlapo prosecuted. Image via @gigi_lamayne/Instagram
Rapper Gigi Lamayne has offered to fund any lawyer willing to help get Nthabiseng Nhlapo prosecuted. Image via @gigi_lamayne/Instagram

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