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NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS: Nthabiseng Nhlapo Films Self Assaulting Son To Spite Husband

A woman identified as Nthabiseng Nhlapo is the subject of a social media outburst after disturbing video footage alleged to be her kicking and choking a helpless toddler.

Internet detectives were quick to point to Nthabiseng Nhlapo as a Joburg woman who filmed herself assaulting her son to send a message to her estranged husband.

Details about the incident were sketchy when this article was published. However, social media users have launched a witchhunt against a woman identified on Facebook as Nthabiseng Nhlapo, the reported mother of a toddler boy, who appeared confused and visibly shaken by the ordeal he endured the assault.

In the video footage, which has since gone viral on social media, the little boy could be heard gasping for breath, while an unidentified person kicked him repeatedly.

Seconds before the video abruptly ended, the assaulter was seen pressing their foot against the little boy’s chest, who broke out into a cry that would rattle any parent.

Social media reacts to the assault

Watch The Video Below;



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