Zimbabwean Prophet Who Foresaw AKA’s Death Reveals DM’s He Had With Late Rapper

Zimbabwean clergy Prophet Mellintic Orasi has revealed how he tried to reach out to AKA, born Kiernan Jarryd Forbes before his demise and how his family reached out and acknowledged the prophecy.

AKA was shot dead on 10 February 2023 as he was stepping out of a restaurant in Durban which has since closed shop.

Prophet Mellontic Orasi, a Zimbabwean seer, reached out to him months before his death and informed him of the approaching death. AKA ignored the warning and took to Twitter to attack the prophet, claiming that anyone who instils fear is not from God.

In an interview yesterday, Prophet Mellontik Orasi disclosed chats he had with AKA long before his demise.

“I reached out to AKA on Instagram, he WhatsApped me; he called me. I said to him, ‘My brother, there are forces that are hunting you, and they are going to kill you. Please, disassociate yourself from this and that. Give your life to Christ..’ He said I’m going to church, and I said going to church doesn’t clear us from our dark background. “After that, he went to a podcast, and he said there’s a Zimbabwean prophet who’s prophesying about death; he’s not from God. There was a huge backlash on social media. Then it so happened that when he went to Durban…I also advised him about it, and he didn’t listen. He went on, and he perished.” Prophet Orasi

Prophet Mellontik Orasi also revealed that AKA’s family reached out to him when he died.

“[His death] pained me so much because even his family reached out to me when it happened, and they acknowledged hearing about the prophecy.”

The Megacy boss, as his fans dubbed him, was set to perform in the city when two unknown assailants came from behind him, and one fatally shot him in the head. His friend Tebello Tibs Motsoane was also gunned down in the ensuing chaos.

The people who shot him are yet to be caught and tried.


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