How Cyan Boujee Once Attempted To End Her Life

You know what they say, the first cut is the deepest, and that old adage holds especially true when talking about the well-known socialite, Cyan Boujee.

This influencer has practically made controversy her sidekick, to the point where it’s practically woven into her personal brand.

It’s quite a challenge for folks to imagine a time when this social media sensation, currently in the midst of a leaked s__extape scandal, wasn’t embroiled in all sorts of negativity and drama.

But, as luck would have it, social media users have dug up snapshots from her past that shed light on the journey that shaped her into the individual she is today.

Relationship That Moulded Cyan Boujee Revealed

Cyan Boujee Kefentse Pro
Cyan Boujee and Kefentse Pro (Image: Buzzy B/Instagram)

Before all the cosmetic enhancements and body augmentations, Cyan Boujee used to be romantically involved with a photographer who goes by the name Kefentse Pro.

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that the socialite could be with someone who makes a living snapping photos, but there was a time when a man’s paycheck wasn’t at the top of her list for an ideal partner.

While he seems to have moved on from their relationship and tied the knot, she appears to have carried emotional wounds from that phase to the extent that she’s now entering transactional relationships with men.

Images from her time with Kefentse indicate that the two were deeply in love, but their relationship was far from flawless. Allegations of abuse emerged from both sides and regrettably, the couple aired their dirty laundry publicly.

The relationship deteriorated in full view, with Cyan Boujee even threatening to end her own life on a couple of occasions. She even caused damage to Kefentse’s car after he allegedly cheated on her.



Her Current Relationship Status Will Leave You Speechless

Cyan Boujee has spilled the beans on her love life, letting people in that she’s juggling a handful of suitors and isn’t putting all her eggs in one basket when it comes to commitment.

During a chat with the Podcast And Chill hosts over the phone, Cyan also let slip some fresh details about her viral tlof tlof video.

“…I mean I am not in a committed relationship. So, there are people that I’m seeing that help me in all sorts of ways. I’m so happy they also got to help me emotionally. ‘Cause I thought they would think it’s something that happened recently,” Cyan Boujee revealed her relationship status.


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