JazziQ quashes allegations he forced himself on YFM presenter Ngcebo Mcobothi

Popular Amapiano DJ and producer JazziQ found himself embroiled in controversy following allegations of sexual harassment by YFM producer Ngcebo Mcobothi.

Mcobothi took to Twitter to share her troubling experience with JazziQ. In now-deleted tweets, she alleged that the DJ had tried to force himself on her.

“This guy literally grabbed me by the waist trying to kiss me ngenkani the way I had to push him away from me, while we were in a lift!” she tweeted.

She further expressed her distress by stating, “I’m so triggered! Not me being sexually harassed by one of your faves after rejecting his advances.”

Ngcebo Mcombothi
Ngcebo Mcobothi

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These tweets quickly spread across social media, leading to public outcry and debates.

Many fans were shocked, and some demanded accountability from JazziQ. The incident allegedly took place at the YFM offices just before JazziQ’s scheduled interview.

YFM issues statement on the incident

YFM responded to the incident with an official statement, distancing itself from Mcobothi’s allegations.

The station clarified that Mcobothi is an external producer and freelancer, emphasising that her views and actions do not represent the company.

“We note that your letter required us to respond by close of business on Monday 27 May 2024. However, given that your letter was only received by us at 14h36 on Monday 27 May, we trust we are in order by responding today,” YFM’s statement read.

They also mentioned checking their internal CCTV footage but found no evidence from the lifts as they do not contain cameras.

The station offered to share other footage showing Mcobothi and JazziQ entering and exiting the lifts.

JazziQ kills sexual harassment claims with evidence


A statement from JazziQ detailed his movements and interactions during the incident.

Video evidence from his videographer showed Mcobothi entering the building and the lift along with JazziQ and his team, as well as another artist.

It highlighted three crucial points: JazziQ was never alone with Mcobothi, there were at least five other people in the lift, and the lift journey took mere seconds.

“At no point was Mr. JazziQ alone with Ms. Mcobothi in the lift – they were in the presence of at least 5 other people at all times. The second is that Mr JazziQ and Ms Mcobothi were never in close proximity as she entered the lift before him. Him being the last to enter means that he was also closest to the elevator doors – with no less than 5 other people between them. Finally, the lift was traveling just one floor up – a distance that took a few seconds at best,” JazziQ’s statement read.

JazziQ emphasised his upbringing and values, stating that he respects consent and has never been accused of any form of sexual misconduct before.

He also urged his fans not to attack Mcobothi and expressed his support for all victims of abuse.

JazziQ issues statement on Mcobothi’s claims

It came to our attention that an X (formerly Twitter) post, published just over a week ago, alleged that Tumelo Manyoni, known professionally as Mr JazziQ, sexually harassed and forcefully tried to kiss YFM drive time show producer Ms. Ngcebo Mcoboti on Thursday, 23 May 2024.

The incident allegedly took place inside the offices of the popular Johannesburg-based youth radio station just moments before his scheduled interview on the platform.

In the tweets, Ms. Mcobothi claims that Mr. JazziQ sexually harassed her after she rejected his advances. She further alleges that he forcefully tried to kiss her in a lift. Upon seeing news of the alleged assault on the said social media platform, Mr JazziQ and his team promptly contacted YFM’s station manager, Haseena Cassim, requesting CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

The basis for this request was for Mr JazziQ to offer a detailed response to the damaging allegations by providing irrefutable evidence that they have no basis in truth or fact. Understanding the socio-economic climate of South Africa in relation to the question of gender-based violence (GBV), he recognised the significance of having evidence to challenge the baseless accusation in a way that would remove all reasonable doubt as to his alleged actions. Four days after the footage was initially requested, YFM has responded (see Appendix B) stating that the said lift has no cameras.

In addition to this, the station has also distanced itself from Ms Mcobothi’s allegations, stating that she is a freelancer and that the station does not support any of the claims she made on social media. The response by YM has left Mr JazziQ with no option but to utilise the other available evidence at his disposal, recognising the limitations it poses as it does not capture what transpired inside the lift. However, this evidence provides adequate circumstantial evidence to help us arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

The video evidence provided by Mr. JazziQ’s videographer, and which has since been published, shows Ms. Mcobothi entering the building and the lift along with Mr. JazziQ, his team, and another famous artist joining him for the interview. Mr. JazziQ is seen taking a picture with a fan after Ms. Mcobothi entered the lift ahead of him, with several other people in tow. Seconds later, the entourage is seen exiting the lift, with Mr. JazziQ and his PR manager walking behind Ms. Mcobothi, who is leading them into the studio.

Three points are important to note. Firstly, at no point was Mr JazziQ alone with Ms Mcoboth in the lift – they were in the presence of at least 5 other people at all times. The second is that Mr JazziQ and Ms Mcobothi were never in close proximity as she entered the lift before him. Him being the last to enter means that he was also closest to the elevator doors – with no less than 5 other people between them.

Finally, the lift was traveling just one floor up – a distance that took a few seconds at best. For Ms Mcobothi’s allegations to be true, Mr JazziQ would have needed to enter the lift, wade through 5 other people, position himself next to her, attempt an assault on her in full view of the other people in the lift, and then out of the lift in barely 10 seconds that it took the lift to get just one floor up.

This both improbable and illogical – especially as it would require that all persons in the lift, including women, would be complicit in what can only be described as atrocious actions. Mr JazziQ is many things – a young man who, like all young men his age, parties and gets involved in romantic relationships with women. What he is not, is a perpetrator of violence of any form, against women. It is not an accident of history that he has never before been accused of any form of sexual misconduct. It is a clear reflection of his belief in the importance of consent – which he understands has to be voluntary and importantly, can be withdrawn at any point.

Mr JazziQ was raised by a phenomenal mother who instilled correct values in him. He is also a father to two beautiful daughters. His position on GBV and femicide, his condemnation of any kind of violence targeted at women and children, is the direct result of his upbringing and consciousness. He stands unwaveringly in full support of all victims of abuse and is committed to a non-violence.

Mr JazziQ further wishes to implore his fans and supporters to desist from the temptation to attack Ms Mcobothi in any way, including through social media mobilisation. While Mr JazziQ has been deeply affected both personally and professionally by these false accusations, he does not want this ordeal being used to abuse, mock, deride or humiliate Ms Mcobothi, who, like all women, must be protected and not be abused in any way.

However, Mr JazziQ asks that Ms Mcobothi, who has not opened a criminal case against him, strongly consider the implications of the damaging lie that she has spread. While Mr JazziQ has desisted from pursuing a legal remedy for this situation, largely because he recognises how the law is often used as an instrument to silence real victims, he will have no option but to pursue the legal route in order to clear his name so that this cloud of suspicion can be lifted from him, his loved ones and those who have been affected by this painful ordeal.

He remains committed to transparency and justice and will continue to support measures that protect and uphold the rights of women.


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