JazziQ denies ever fighting Shebeshxt: ‘It wasn’t me’

The internet was abuzz with a video of a physical altercation between Shebeshxt and another person who appeared to look like popular amapiano artist JazziQ.

The musician has since come forward to clarify that he was not the person involved in the incident with the controversial Limpopo artist.

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In an interview with Zimoja, JazziQ said that he had seen the video on social media and was surprised to find that people were mistaking the other person for him. According to JazziQ, he was woken up by calls and messages from people asking him about the video.

“That was not me in the video. I saw it on social media as well. We have a resemblance with the guy but it was not me, fortunately,” he said.

Asked if he would consider working with Shebeshxt in the future, he said, “I think his music is a breath of fresh air and is a representation of the different layers of music that exist in SA. He is great for the culture.”

The musician also confirmed that he had met Shebeshxt before and that he was one of the headlining acts at JazziQ’s homecoming on 16 December 2023. JazziQ praised Shebeshxt’s music, calling it a breath of fresh air and a representation of the different layers of music that exist in South Africa.

This has put to rest the rumors circulating on social media that he was involved in the fight. Fans of JazziQ have expressed relief and gratitude that their favorite artist was not involved in the incident.

JazziQ is known for his unique style of music, which is a fusion of house, Amapiano, and jazz. He has a massive following in South Africa and has collaborated with several other musicians in the industry.

When contacted for a comment on the incident, Shebeshxt spokesperson Kholofelo Chuene said, ” No! he doesn’t want to talk about that video,”

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