90 Minutes In Heaven: Sbahle Mpisane Shares Near Death Accident Experience

Reminiscing about her almost fatal car accident that took place a few years ago, Sbahle Mpisane went down memory lane after watching a movie called 90 Minutes In Heaven on Saturday, 19 August, and explained why she resonated with the main character.


In 2022, Sbahle Mpisane barred it all in an exclusive interview with YouTuber Owamie Netshivhazwaulu and shed some light on the life-changing car accident that took place on 9 August 2018. She admitted that she had been drinking but said her accident was caused by other factors including another speeding drunk driver.

In an Instagram post, she has previously shared that the accident caused her to break 80 per cent of her bones.

“I was like a toasted slice of bread that was crumpled up! In all honesty, my eyes were hanging out, my nose was completely broken, my brain was visible on view (that damage resulted in amnesia), my arms were broken including my beautiful hands, and my left knee, ankle plus toes were broken and my right foot was badly broken from my hip, thigh, knee, foot, toe, [and], my ankle bone was completely discharged out of my foot at the scene,” she said.

Following her accident, Mpisane opened up about her failed suicide attempts on her Instagram Stories.

“In 2018 while in hospital I attempted to hang myself but my nurse walked in just as I did so. In 2019, I well planned my suicide attempt but woke up four days later,” IOL quoted her as saying.

On Saturday, Sbahle Mpisane resonated with Don Piper in the movie 90 Minutes In Heaven. According to IMBd, the 2015 drama is about a man who gets involved in a horrific car crash and is pronounced dead, only to come back to life shortly after, claiming to have seen heaven.

“[The] movie I am currently watching [is called] 90 Minutes In Heaven. A true story of Don’s experience with death and life. Nearly all his bones were broken, sustained massive brain damage, experienced countless monthly surgeries, dealt with a serious period of depression & prayed to not awake anymore,” Mpisane wrote on Threads.

“His wife, kids, friends, etc didn’t understand why he developed [a] hatred for them & the world. But to speak from experience, no one understands how physically & mentally uncomfortable the survival & recovery phase is,” she said.

“I don’t know how I survived! I don’t know how my bones strengthened again for me to manage to walk, gym, swim, skip & study today. None of it all would have been possible again but God answered my prayer list in his timing,” she added.

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