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ZEC or ZRP: Police slammed for ‘rigging’ accident victims’ death toll

Zimbabweans have once again shown their witty side after a Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) report mixed up number of people who died in an accident that occurred along Mutare road on Wednesday and compared it to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) rigging elections.

Zimbabwe recently held harmonized elections that saw President Emmerson Mnangagwa retaining his presidency after ZEC announced his win.

Nelson Chamisa of Citizen’s Coalition for Change (CCC), however, disputed the result claiming that ZEC rigged the numbers in favour of the incumbent.

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ZEC or ZRP: Zimbabweans confused by police report on accident

The Zimbabwe Republic Police have reported about an accident that occurred on the Harare-Mutare highway in which seven people died.

According to the police;

The ZRP reports a fatal road traffic accident which occurred at the 60 kilometre peg along Harare-Mutare Road on 30/08/23 in which seven victims died while four others were injured.

A Honda Fit vehicle with eight passengers on board had a head on collision with a VW Toures which had one passenger on board. More details will be released in due course

The Numbers Are Not Adding Up

Zimbabweans were quick to note that the numbers reported did not add up since police claimed the Honda Fit car was carrying 8 passengers while the VW Toures had one passenger. Police report that seven people died and four were injured.

This brings the total number of people involved in the accident to 11.

Here are some of the comments by Zimbabweans

Cde Stoneworld said;

You are saying the Honda Fit had 8 passengers and the BMW had 1 passenger. Now you go on saying 7 died and 4 injured to make them 11. Is this ZEC or ZRP

Muvhitori said;

ZRP. 8 passengers and 1 make 9. 7 died whilst 4 injured? were some pedestrians?

Jephias Gora said;

4 plus 7 gives 11

Honda Fit 8 passengers plus 1 in VW gives 9.

Ko 2 avo vabvepi.

SADC Slams ZEC for ‘Flawed’ Election

The SADC head of mission Nevers Mumba sparked a diplomatic tiff in the region when he gave a damning report after ZEC announced the presidential vote on Saturday saying that ‘some aspects in Zimbabwe’s elections did not meet regional and international standards.’

This agitated the ruling ZANU PF who disproved of Mumba’s report.

CCC has since called for a fresh poll to be conducted under SADC and AU watch.

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