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London Zim Man gives Yolanda from Birmingham some nice Lula action in the toilet

London Zim Man gives Yolanda from Birmingham some nice Lula action in the toilet and this has left lots of Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom shocked. Just when we thought we were recovering from the action of Nyasha and her oral bestie Flora then bang another scandal involving Zimbabweans but this is coming from the United Kingdom. It’s London Man vs Yolanda from Birmingham!

According to social media, the two met at an event and hit it off and ended up having some Lula Lula action in the bathroom. The biggest problem is that both Yolanda from Birmingham and the London Man are married to other people. It is said that Yolanda now claims she was too drunk to participate in the toilet action despite the videos showing otherwise.


The London Zim Man didn’t seem to mind the cameras and was somewhat clever enough to hide his face, but Yolanda from Birmingham was showing off everything in all her glory! They were having a good time until the moment the guy wanted actual Lula Lula and Yolanda from Birmingham is seen refusing the guy… Be sure to watch all the action (3 videos) from our partner website.

Who is Yolanda from Birmingham




At the moment we are not yet sure of who these two are, all we know right now is Yolanda is from Birmingham and the man is from London. Both of them are Zimbabweans based in the United Kingdom and are married to their separate spouses. That surely didn’t stop the action that took place with their somewhat expensive wedding bands on!

We will give you more of this story between Yolanda from Birmingham and London Man including the actual names, but for now, you can watch the videos that have gone viral from our friends at naughty365. Watch the video here

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