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They stole US$500k property from dead President Mugabe’s house and now are seeing flames

Four arrested

HARARE – Four individuals who were employed by former first lady, Grace Mugabe, have been brought to court on charges of stealing household items and cutlery valued at around US$500,000 from the Blue Roof residence of ex-President Robert Mugabe in Borrowdale, Harare.
The accused are Allen Chinamonya, aged 42, Danmore Chinamonya, aged 35, Samson Karonga, and Brighton Bunganirwa, aged 46. They appeared before Harare magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa and are scheduled to apply for bail this Tuesday.
According to state prosecutor Lancelot Mutsokoti, Allen was initially employed as a groundsman before becoming a driver from 2004 to 2022. Similarly, Danmore was employed as a groundsman and later worked as a driver during the same period. Karonga was employed as an electrician at the Blue Roof, while Bunganirwa worked as a gardener.
The prosecutor stated that in 2018, Grace Mugabe brought 11 containers filled with various household items from State House after the former President’s ouster in 2017. The court was informed that despite Grace securing the containers by locking the doors, the accused allegedly conspired to break the padlocks and steal various items including television sets, clothes, cutlery, and bath towels.
Grace discovered the theft in May 2024 when she visited the containers to select artifacts for donation to the African Liberation Museum. The case was reported to Borrowdale police on May 25th. The stolen goods were estimated to be worth US$500,000, but only goods valued at US$2,000 were recovered.
During a search at Allen Chinamonya’s home, police detectives recovered several items including men’s suits, cover beds, and a television set. Similarly, a men’s suit and a Zanu PF long-sleeved shirt were recovered from Danmore Chinamonya’s home. Prosecutors confirmed that Grace positively identified the recovered items as part of the stolen goods.


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