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Robbers help partner escape from police custody at Chitungwiza Magistrate’s court

A robbery suspect escaped from Chitungwiza Magistrates Court’s holding cells last Saturday with help from the outside.

36-year-old Peter Huche from Southlea Park was set to appear before the Magistrate for his hearing. The man was arrested by the CID in Chivhu after being accused of robbery. Petter was caught while on the run in Chivhu from Harare after committing his crime. He has been in police holding, awaiting his hearing in Chitungwiza at the Magistrates Court.

The details of the robbery he was part of are yet to be disclosed by the police. The suspect was being kept in holding cells when the police officers he was with went to hand over to the prosecutors.

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Peter then was helped to get free by what police officers believe to be a bolt cutter that cut his steel bars. Huche quickly escaped the building, and searches for him in the building were unfruitful.

The suspect is still on the run, and police are doing their best to locate him. The Judicial Service Commission Secretary told the public that a full investigation of how the incident occurred is still underway.

The police are seeking the public’s help to catch the fugitive before he commits more crimes.

Last year, another prisoner escaped from Gweru, where he was serving 48 months for plain robbery. The prisoner named Peter Sigauke escaped from Lalapanzi for theft when he escaped in September.

That same month, Tinashe Rupiya, who had been arrested for unlawful entry into premises in Mtoko, also escaped from police custody, and the law enforcement launched a search.

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