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Stolen cellphone gifted to girlfriend brings down robber

In a world where technology is fast expanding than previously believed possible, it has grown risky for one to purchase or possess gadgets such as cellphones from suspicious individuals as in the case of an unsuspecting girlfriend who was found in possession of a mobile phone gotten from a robbery.

Cellphone Tracked Back To Robber

A suspected robber’s location was uncovered by a cellphone he gave to his girlfriend which was tracked back to him.

The suspect, Prosper Moyo, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa.

The robber
The Robber being escorted to court

The Robbery

The court heard that on September 2, Moyo approached the complainant Tawanda Zinyenga, whose car was parked at the Mbare rank.

Moyo hired Zinyenga to take him to the corner of Ardbennie Road for a fare of US$5.

As they were on the way, Moyo allegedly instructed Zinyenga to stop before they reached their destination,

He asked him to help him carry his bags to a nearby house.

As soon as Zinyenga disembarked, he was struck by an unknown object on the left side of his head and became unconscious.

Moyo took the car keys and money. He drove off, leaving Zinyenga for dead. Zinyenga received assistance from passersby who took him to the hospital.

The car was recovered in Epworth where it had been dumped. Moyo was arrested after the phone stolen from the robbery was recovered from his girlfriend Fungai Mushapaidze.

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