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Bitter Revenge: Ghost Blocks Boy (13) From Visiting The Toilet For Three Years

Due to a suspected avenging ghost, a 13-year-old Mutasa boy has not passed stool or urine conventionally for the past three years.

Medical doctors have reportedly inserted a catheter and a C-tube to allow the boy to dispose of waste from his body, The Weekender reports.

However, all medical tests have failed to diagnose the boy’s ailment.

The teenager’s grandfather, Claudio Madiro said his grandson’s problem is a result of a dead prisoner’s avenging spirit.

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The Madiro family from Sahumani Village in Mutasa claim that a prisoner died in the custody of Danwell Madiro.
Danwell was a prison guard in Gweru.

It is said the prisoner’s spirit is now haunting the family and demanding compensation and justice.

“The avenging spirit possesses my grandchildren and identifies itself as Tapiwa Pukeni, a prisoner at Hwahwa Prison who died in prison at the hands of my brother Danwell.

“As a result of the avenging spirit, my grandchild has for years not been visiting the toilet for normal defecation. It started while he was doing his fifth grade.

“He had to finish his primary school education in hospital, and studied online. He cannot pass out urine or stool, and when the avenging spirit manifests, Pukeni claims to be behind all this.

“The avenging spirit insists that this will only stop after it is appeased. My grandson has been at Mbuya Nehanda, Victoria Chitepo Provincial and Parirenyatwa Hospitals on different occasions and the doctors have failed to diagnose his ailment,” revealed Madiro.

The boy is now doing Form Two at a local school.

“When doctors told us that he was healthy, the boy went into a trance and started laughing, telling us that no medical doctor can ever diagnose a dead man’s avenging spirit as it is not an ailment.

“The spirit claims that my brother killed him years ago when he was a prison officer. It states that Danwell pinned him to the ground before fatally assaulting him.

“It is also claimed that Danwell escorted the body to Pukeni’s family home in Chipinge for burial where he collected the dead man’s T-shirt and soil from his grave in an attempt to silence his spirit,” said Madiro.

The matter has since appeared before Chief Mutasa’s court where the traditional leader offered to escort the family to the deceased’s family in Chipinge.

However, Danwell failed to show up on the day they were supposed to travel with the chief.

“Danwell disappeared in June and my grandson is suffering. As we speak, my other grandchild has developed the same condition. I am afraid that if this is not reversed, deaths will be recorded in the family,” said Madiro.

When the matter appeared before Chief Mutasa, Danwell confirmed that he was once a prison guard at Hwahwa Prison.

However, he insisted that he never knew or killed Tapiwa Pukeni.

He accused his brothers of working in connivance with traditional healers to implicate him in Pukeni’s murder.

“I only confessed under duress. I wanted it to be over so that I could go home and rest,” said Danwell.

The Madiro family has tried to appease the avenging spirit but the spirit demands that Danwell should confess and be present during the appeasement process.

Madiro said they have sought the assistance of more than 20 traditional healers, adding that none of them has been able to exorcise the spirit as it insists on Danwell’s presence.

“The late Pukeni says he is from Chief Mutema’s area in Chipinge, and that his parents are still alive. It continues making weird demands like fetching water from a river that flows into Mozambique for it to bath. I had to drive to Pungwe River at night to fetch the water as the spirit was angry and destroying property,” he said.

He also said at one time, the spirit demanded eight litres of opaque beer.

“We do not drink beer, but my wife and I had to drink it because the spirit was demanding that. I even let my 13-year-old grandchild who was possessed to drink it upon the spirit’s instructions.

“We had no other option because it was threatening to kill the boy. We fear that this child will die if my brother remains stubborn and nothing is done,” said Madiro.

He said spiritual healers are failing to redirect the avenging spirit to Danwell’s family, saying the spirit is too strong.

Chief Mutasa adjourned the matter to a later date to allow Danwell to be present during the hearing.

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