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Rimbi Bus Conductor Films Own Death As His Speeding Bus Crashes Into Trailer

One person was killed and several others injured when a  Rimbi bus belonging collided with the back of a truck on the Harare – Nyamapanda highway at Bondamakara in Mtoko in Zimbabwe on Tuesday afternoon.

The deceased, according to reports, was the conductor of the bus.

In a 2-minute 53-second video seen by Harare Live, which was allegedly recorded by the now deceased, a Rimbi Tours bus is filmed racing with a Zebra Kiss bus.

The Rimbi bus tries to overtake the Zebra Kiss bus but he is blocked from doing it by the Zebra Kiss bus.

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Passengers can be heard shouting for the driver to overtake of which the person filming responds saying he is not overtaking but gathering evidence of what other busses do referring to the bus blocking their passage.

The speeding bus tailgates the one in front so closely that the passengers beg the driver to slow down.

The video clearly shows that the driver is not able to see ahead of the bus in front of him.

The bus in front changes lanes to overtake a truck, as the Rimbi bus driver goes to the left he finds a slow-moving truck and collides into it.

The bus hit the back of the trailer and reportedly killed the conductor who was filming and left several others injured.

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