Nasty C nastily beats up fan during performance in Zambia (Watch)

South African rapper Nasty C recently had an unexpected encounter during his performance in Zambia as part of his African tour with Cassper Nyovest.

Nasty C, known for his commitment to delivering top-notch performances, was understandably upset by the uninvited intrusion. While fans’ love and enthusiasm are always appreciated, the incident disrupted his performance and took him by surprise.

The rapper‘s reaction was a testament to his dedication to providing a seamless and memorable experience for his fans.

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It’s essential to remember that artists value their fans’ support immensely, and incidents like these are often unintended consequences of intense fan admiration.

Despite the momentary disruption, Nasty C continued to deliver an electrifying performance, showcasing his professionalism and commitment to his craft.

Watch the video below;

While others criticized Nasty C’s reaction, others felt that he did well for himself considering how dangerous it is for musicians to be embraced by strangers.

They referred to the moment that raper Kienarn “AKA” Forbes was gunned down outside a popular restaurant in Durban.

AKA got gunned down just like that and people think artists should go around hugging strangers when they feel threatened.


Mlunghisi Ntlemo@MlunghisiT

Fan just wanted to hug Nasty C. He did not advance an attack .

Africa Research Desk@MightiJamie

Do they even have private ownership of guns in Zambia? Threat levels are not the same in every country and that punch may reasonably be construed as an over reaction considering the venue.

The Instigator@Am_Blujay

Yeah fair enough but I doubt Nasty C knows all that, from the body language the the fan looked just like a happy guy but we can’t fault Nasty too for the reaction

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