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Abhero mhoro: Supervisor suspended for abusing female employees

A supervisor at a retail outlet in Gweru came under fire after it emerged how he solicited intimacy with females in exchange for jobs leading to his suspension.,

Abel Chikanya was enjoying these unholy relations with fellow employees until he was exposed after some of the workers were sacked from their jobs.

He was recorded having a phone conversation with one of the fired workers who was unhappy that he didn’t provide her with any form of protection despite their adulterous relationship.

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She also suggested that some of her fellow employees advised her that they also had relationships with Abel. Now, sources told H-Metro that the supervisor was suspended last week.

“Several ladies have been complaining after they were sacked from their positions and the issue spilled into the ears of the management at the shop,” said the sources.

“It’s the same issue as that of (name withheld), these women also wanted this man to protect them and felt he used and dumped them.

“So, his failure to deal with their plight triggered this and opened a can of worms and there were a lot of these women who were threatening to expose him.

“He was caught in a very difficult situation, and it became only a matter of time before it spilled to the workplace, and this led to his suspension last week on Friday pending investigations into the matter.”

There are some more leaked chats between Abel and another woman which appear to suggest that he just started s__exually harassing her without him proposing love.

Here are the text messages:

[8/18, 17:24]XXXX: Saka yamatiita yekungotanga kubata munhu inonzi chiii?

[8/18, 17:24]XXXX: Maisataura kuti I love you

[8/18, 17:26]XXXX: Makazviita vanhu hobho

[8/18, 17:30] XXXX: But then ndine mubvunzo hangu

[8/19, 07:30] VaChikanya: Good morning mwana waDaddy

[8/19, 07:41] XXXX: Morning morning mamuka sei

[8/19, 07:41] VaChikanya: Ndamuka bhooo mwanangu

[8/19, 07:45] XXXX: That’s Great

[8/19, 07:46] VaChikanya: You are welcome

[8/19, 07:53] VaChikanya: On my way to graft

[8/19, 07:55] VaChikanya: Not yet at work

[8/19, 07:58] XXXX: Oooooh okay

[8/19, 07:58] VaChikanya: Sharp sharp

[8/19, 07:59] VaChikanya: Need to go with XXXXX kuBethel for review that’s why ndanonoka

[8/19, 08:00] XXXX: Okay okay pakanaka

[8/19, 08:00] XXXX: Ave sei

[8/19, 08:00] VaChikanya: Nhasi haana kurara uyu

[8/19, 08:01] XXXX: Shame anopora hake

[8/19, 08:02] XXXX: Nezuro makazongonyarara

[8/19, 08:15] VaChikanya: Ndanga ndava nevanhu muOffice

[8/19, 08:15] XXXX: Oooh okay

[8/19, 09:22] VaChikanya: Sharp

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