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Unlicensed Vehcles To Be Deregistered

THE Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) and the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) are planning to de-register vehicles that have been unlicensed for at least two years.

Zinara stated in a notice issued yesterday that the vehicles would be automatically de-registered from the CVR database.

“In terms of The Vehicle Registry and Licensing Act Chapter 13:14 Section 12 Paragraph (c) and (d). (c) may, if according to his records a registered vehicle has not been licensed or exempted for a period exceeding two years; or (d) may, if he has reasonable grounds for believing that a registered vehicle is no longer required to be registered in terms of Section Six,” read the notice.

“Once vehicles have been de-registered, re-registration process will include clearance of outstanding vehicle licensing arrears, police clearance and a certificate of roadworthiness from the Vehicle Inspectorate Department.”

Driving a de-registered vehicle is a criminal offence.

Vehicle licensing is one of Zinara’s key revenue streams and contributes 30% of the total annual revenue budget.

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