Mwonzora’s daughter Bertha wants to become a lesbian

Movement for democratic change President Douglas Mwonzora’s daughter Bertha has caused a stir on social media after she revealed that she wants to become a lesbian.

Bertha Mwonzora made the astounding claim on social media venting her frustrations over a failed relationship with an identified man.

She said that she is tired of dating men, hence, te decision to consider dating fellow females.

I’m seriously considering becoming a lesbian. I cannot with the male species I’m done.

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This sparked a series of reactions with some urging her to abandon such thoughts but she remained adamant.

Mmm no your species is doing me dirty I can’t anymore 🤣🤣🤣

Lee Ann Bernard
Lee Ann Bernard

Former ZBC Tv news anchor Lee ANN Bernard chipped in with hr shocked response and, surprisingly, she indicated that she would date her.

Lee Ann, you’re exactly my type, can I take you to dinner? 🌹

Zimbabweans are not really comfortable discussing such issues as it is considered taboo and unlawful and had this to say;


That’s a big NO Bertha, try to refine your choice kkkkk maybe change age range, profession, etc… You’re still young to give up!


Wait a minute wangu. There’s a lot of good men out there. This thing of saying you’re not my class has destroyed many of u.


I wouldn’t advice that Bertha. Ppl are different, u will find one. Lesbian,, no, nix

Lesley white@Trustmuvax

Your taste 👅 for men is wrong ,love those who love you , you go for those higher class guys because you say they are your level , don’t date a broke guy but date a guy with potential who can love you outside sex


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