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Man surprised to discover his lover is a man after bedding him for two months

A well-known Kwekwe dealer got himself into trouble after he allegedly found out that his two-month-long sweetheart was actually a male.

James Mapawa (40), a well-known dealer at the Narrans Building in Kwekwe’s major business centre, learned that Praise Mpofu (25), his two-month lover, was actually a male.

This happened after he had an erection during their intimate encounter, B Metro reports.

The situation came to light after Mapawa and Praise got into an argument because Praise had been dressing and acting like a woman.

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Circumstances are that sometime in July at an unknown date and at a nightclub in Kwekwe Mapawa met Praise who was dressed like and pretended to be a woman.

He proposed love to him, and he agreed and he took him to a house where they started staying together.

It is reported that on 7 September, the two were having s_exual intercourse when Praise allegedly had an erection during the act.

This, however, shocked Mapawa and a misunderstanding arose and degenerated into a fist fight.

Outraged by the shocking revelation, Mapawa reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the two.

The two were subsequently arraigned before Kwekwe magistrate Itai Kagwere facing sodomy charges.

They were not asked to plead and were released on $100 000 bail each.

Kudakwashe Mazorodze represented the State

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