Hwinza goes beserk after taking mutoriro smashes girlfriend’s car leading to their breakup

Zimdancehall sensation Hwinza reportedly became violent and smashed his girlfriend Malloti’s car just a few hours before his exclusive interview with DJ Ollah 7 on Star FM.

This led to the couple allegedly breaking up according to rumours circulating on social media.

According to posts allegedly made by Malloti on Hwinza’s social media account, she accuses him of smashing a car and being violent before the Star FM interview, Zimcelebs reports.

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The exact details of the alleged car-smashing incident and the nature of the violence remain unclear.

However, these serious allegations have undoubtedly put a strain on their relationship and have fueled speculation about the reasons behind their breakup.


Zimdancehall sensation Hwinza has reportedly ended his relationship with Bae Malloti
Malloti Tsitsi (Image: Zimcelebs/Instagram)

Adding to the chaos surrounding their breakup, Malloti also claims that Hwinza was held in police custody before the Star FM interview.

The circumstances leading to his alleged arrest are unknown, but this shocking revelation has left fans wondering about the events leading up to the interview.

It remains to be seen whether these claims will be substantiated or if they are simply part of a larger narrative surrounding their relationship.

During the interview with DJ Ollah 7, Hwinza was asked about his future plans with Malloti.

He stuttered and struggled to provide a clear answer.

This response has only fueled speculation and curiosity about the state of their relationship.

Fans are left wondering if the breakup was imminent, or if it was a recent development that caught Hwinza off guard.

Meanwhile, Star FM’s DJ Ollah 7 has taken to his Facebook page to shed more light on the issue. He wrote:

Breaking‼️ Hwinza allegedly damaged his girlfriend’s vehicle last Tuesday afternoon before he came to the interview, they were meant to come together. According to the girlfriend @mallotii she told me that @realhwinzamenternahofficial is taking drugs (mutoriro) but Hwinza denied these drugs allegations during my show. @tinashemutarisi mkoma basa iro todiiko? Just for the record, this incident took place hours before the show, so the decision yekurambana got nothing to do with what Hwinza said or did on the show. It’s the girlfriend/manager who secured the interview for him as well.


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