“Zakwe’s Inspiring Gym Workout Video: A Motivational ‘One Day at a Time’ Approach Takes Mzansi by Storm”

South African rapper Ntokozo Zakwe shared his gym workout video, and fans loved it.

Many fans had been worried about Zakwe’s weight gain in the past months.

His body was becoming so big that he noticed the need to start working out.

When he started sharing his gym videos, many fans imagined he would give up.

When he shared more and more videos of his gym videos, Zakwe impressed fans a lot.

Sharing on his Instagram, Zakwe cheered himself, giving himself more and more energy to keep up.

After Zakwe shared his gym video, it seemed many fans loved it and motivated him.

However, a few haters had some discouraging words, but the love he received was overwhelming.

He did the sit-ups and many other gym workouts with so much energy.

What impressed fans was his determination and commitment to hit the heavy metal.

After Zakwe shared the video of his gym workouts, many fans motivated him, cheering him to continue.

“Climb up up up up up hey go up there nkabi.”

“Don’t stop because you are like that, my brother don’t stop please”

“Yaz bafo Mina ngashiya izinto ezinoshukela for two weeks , skipped breakfast altogether, ngahhafula amaportion okudla, ngagcina ngo5 ukudla. The weight just fell off. From 103kgs to 92kgs in 2,5 months. Can you please try that. Zero gym. No bread, no Pap or rice ebsuku”

“i thought you’ve given up, don’t stop fella you doing really good🔥”

“It is like that and it never changes. You will hear the punchline you wake up with in the punching bag.”

“I lost a lot of weight when I was a runner, please also consider running or join running teams you will see huge weight loss 🙏”

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