Actor beat up for supporting Chivhayo car gifting spree

Local actor Jimmy Mudereri was recently bashed by some members of the public for defending Wicknell Chivayo’s car donating spree to musicians.

He also claimed his mobile phone was also broken during the fracas.

Mudereri has been featured in more than 10 drama series on ZBC TV, including Dead End, Hama Maoko, Tiriparwendo, Goriza, Tsiurika, Nherera Mwana, and Zvichazodii.

According to H Metro, Mudereri was riding in a truck to his home in Seke when a fierce debate erupted, among the passengers, over Chivayo’s car donations.

Some of the passengers were not happy with the donations and openly voiced their concerns but Mudereri said he decided to back Chivayo.

“We were discussing what Sir Wicknell is doing to give some individuals cars and I said I am praying for him to continue doing such good things,” said Mudereri.

“Some passengers got angry and the argument became heated up and this guy grabbed me by the collar and slapped me in the face.

“My phone was broken, in the process, since we had a tussle apa mota ichitofamba.

“Vamwe ndivo vakatozopindira and the driver stopped the car.

“We then reached a truce and proceeded home.”

The businessman has spent, according to estimates in our sister newspaper The Sunday Mail, about US$5 million on cars, including his personal fleet, in recent years.

The supercars, that he has added to his fleet, include a Range Rover, a Rolls Royce Cullinan, and a Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS600.

The Mercedes Benz S600, which he donated to Jah Prayzah cost US$180 000, while the cars donated to DJ Fantan and Sandra Ndebele cost a combined US$180 000.

There have been similar donations to the likes of Chief Hwenje and Suluman Chimbetu.

Chivayo’s car donations have not been limited to the celebrities but to also his family members, including his in-laws, and to his church leaders and members.

The donations have divided opinion, among members of the public, with some arguing that the money could have been better spent in procuring and donating medicines to hospitals.

Or, according to some, investing in poor students who are struggling to fund their studies.

However, many have also backed Chivayo for standing by those he believes deserve to be rewarded and delivering on his pledges.

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