Reason Kabza De Small is not seen hanging out with DJ Maphorisa revealed

Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, better known as music producer DJ Maphorisa, has responded sharply to questions about his music partner Kabza De Small.

The Mnike hitmaker, who also runs the music company Blaqboy Music, advised fans not to bother asking him where Kabza is whenever they interact with him.

In answer to a question from a fan during his Instagram Live session, he had an earful to say to his fans.

“You guys like asking me about Kabza as if I’m married to him. Kabza is married, he has a wife. Are you guys crazy? Stop asking me about Kabza every day like I’m marking the register. Are you mad?”

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He continued: “Don’t you know he has his own house? He bought a house and has his own studio. Am I supposed to be living for Kabza? Are you crazy?” an annoyed Maphorisa said.

“Why aren’t you going to his Instagram account to ask him about his whereabouts? ‘Where’s Kabza, where’s Kabza?’ Where’s your mother and grandmother?” he sarcastically asked.

Maphorisa said was annoyed because he went into his Instagram Live session with positive energy, but fans want to ask him about Kabza.

“Doesn’t Kabza have his own life to live? Is he supposed to live for me? Are you crazy? Are him and I dating? Don’t annoy me. Stop asking me nonsense!” he said.

Amid speculations of something negative brewing between the two. Kabza responded in style, which explained what has been keeping him occupied lately.

He took to Instagram to announce his latest project which is a night club under construction. He has named his brand new club Pianohub.

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