House of Zwide actress jumps in front of bullet to protect ex-husband

HOUSE of Zwide’s Nandipha is a big believer in “an eye for an eye”.

She’s been on a mission to get revenge for her brother, Alex Khadzi’s death, and it seems she’s about to get it.

Alex was killed by Nkosi, who was trying to protect his dad, Funani.

However, they did not expect that his death would come back to haunt them in the form of Nandipha.

The story of revenge begins with Nandipha, who’s on a mission to get justice for her brother. She’s determined to kill everyone who’s been involved in Alex’s murder, one by one.

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Funani’s son, Nkosi, has suspected that someone has been following them. He noticed it when he was jogging and saw a car stopping behind him and someone taking photos of him.

When he told Faith, they just knew it was Nandipha. That was just the beginning, though.

On Tuesday, 26 September, it will go down.

Funani finds some crucial information that could ruin Nandipha, and he uses it to force her into a tough choice.

Then, during a fancy party, Nandipha shows up with a gun, ready to reveal the truth to everyone.

But things take a dark twist when shots are fired. She pulls the trigger, but Faith leaps in front of Funani and takes the bullet.

Will Faith make it out alive?

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