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APOLOGY TO Cricket Promoter ‘Indian Billionaire’ Ul Mulk

Retraction of Article and Apology to MR.MULK


Subject: Retraction of Article and Apology to MR.MULK

Dear Readers,

On 7th July 2023, we published an article titled “Mnangagwa’s Ally, Cricket Promoter ‘Indian Billionaire’ Ul Mulk, Accused of ‘Catastrophic’ Cricket Promotion Without Permit which made several allegations against Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk, and associated businesses
Upon further review and considering new information that has come to our attention, we acknowledge that several statements in the article were inaccurate and have caused significant distress and harm to Mr. Mulk and his associates . We hereby tender an unconditional apology to the misinformation and can confirm that all the insinuations were baseless and incorrect.
Specifically, we wish to address the following inaccuracies:

1. The article suggested that Mulk Holdings International did not adhere to immigration laws and that there was a deportation of 500 Indians associated with Mulk Holdings International. We now acknowledge that this claim was false—no single deportation of any individual connected to Mulk Holdings International or its projects in Zimbabwe.
2. The article suggested that Mr.Mulk carried out cricket without permit . We now realise this is entirely a false allegation and that Mr. Mulk executed a world class cricket tournament with all the proper permits from zimbabwe cricket board and ICC .
3. Our article attempted to link Mulk Holdings International with individuals involved in illegal activities. This was speculative and done without any substantial evidence and we confirm it’s a false allegation.
4. We have now researched and find that Mr.Mulk is a highly respected and admired business man ranked No 4 in the list of most admired business men in the Middle East .
We deeply regret the publication of these inaccuracies and retract the entire article. we sincerely apologise for this lapse in our editorial process.
To Mulk Holdings International, its Chairman, Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk, all associated businesses and sports partners, We acknowledge and respect your commitment to ethical business practices and regret any insinuation.

we commit to improving our editorial processes to ensure that all articles published on our platform meet the highest standards of accuracy and fairness. We will also strive to verify better the information we publish to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.
We appreciate your understanding and continued trust in HarareLive.com


[Name] Editor-in-Chief
Harare Live

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