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Winky D Unites Zimdancehall, Hip Hop Artists

The Zimdancehall kingpin Wallace Chirimuko aka Winky D’s album launch was held at the Harare International Conference (HICC) on Saturday night despite the weather, which in Harare was marked by sporadic rain showers.

Fewer than three hours before the highly anticipated “Eureka Eureka” unveiling, lines of people lining up and making their way into HICC could be seen meandering.


As crowds endured lengthy lines and some entered HICC as late as 11 p.m., rain showers could not dampen what looked to be an explosive night for the Zimdancehall guru.

There was a sense of anticipation and excitement before Winky D’s new year’s eve album was released because the musician’s fans had to wait a frustrating two years for a new project.

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Interestingly, Winky D last launched a similar project, Njema, at the same venue in 2019 on new year’s eve.

With the announcement of the album name ‘Eureka Eureka’, challenges flooded social media as people struggled to decrypt meaning behind the scientific name.

Eureka is derived from Greek Archimedes of Syracuse — a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer and inventor from the ancient city of Syracuse in Sicily.

Myth has it that Archimedes, while bathing, discovered a formula to measure volume of an irregular shape. Gripped with ecstasy, he jumped from a tub shouting ‘Eureka Eureka’, aptly translated ‘I have found it. ‘

On Saturday night, ecstasy could be felt from Winky D as he had hit his ‘Aha’ moment, uniting Zimdancehall and hip hop musicians on a grand stage.

Nutty O, Killer T, Tocky Vibes, Holy Ten, Saintfloew, Herman, Enzo Ishal and unknown budding talent, Shingi, are some of the artists featured on the collaboration-laden Eureka.

According to Winky D, ‘Eureka Eureka’ is fighting to dismantle intolerance, encouraging society to embrace divergent views as witnessed by the calibre of his collaborations.

The album signals a shift for Winky D, who in the past has faced criticism for shying away from collaborating with fellow artistes.

The album also symbolises Winky D carrying the torch as shown on the cover slip of ‘Eureka Eureka’ and endorsing the future of Zimbabwean music.

With ‘Eureka Eureka’ sowing a seed of unity among Zimdancehall and hip hop, it remains to be seen if it will germinate and blossom.-New Zimbabwe


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