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Passion Java to die from lightning strike: Ian Ndlovu

Dr. Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries has issued a dismal prophecy that appears to be aimed at fellow cleric Prophet Passion Java.

Dr. Ndlovu sent a message to his congregation in a video released on his church’s official YouTube site warning that a young preacher will face divine repercussions for blasphemy. He asked his congregation to pray for this young preacher, emphasising that God’s patience was running out and that the upcoming incident would represent God’s vengeance.

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Dr Ndlovu explained that the young minister would initially experience a period of psychosis due to drug abuse and would subsequently withdraw from the public eye as his loved ones attempted to help him recover. Eventually, the young minister would regain his senses, but Dr Ndlovu emphasized that God’s angels would closely monitor his behaviour. If the young minister did not repent and change his ways, God would intervene decisively.

“So there is a very short window which this young man will be given and then after the short window I see him begin to abuse drugs that’s when he will become psychotic he has experimented with drugs in the past and when he comes doing funny things people will be thinking it’s one of those things when he’s actually high on drugs. He has abused trunks in the past so I saw God surrendering him to his lust and he became psychotic and then I saw him disappear I saw him come back and when he comes back I saw the angels of God watching whether his behaviour will change after that if his behaviour does not change God will completely destroy him that’s the end of the message about that young man next time you won’t hear me talk about the same young man you won’t hear me talk about the young man,” Dr Ian Ndlovu concluded the prophecy.

Dr. Ndlovu continued to discuss the young minister, revealing that, contrary to public perception, the minister was ordained by God and possessed a genuine calling. He explained that the young man was meant to carry on the legacy of the recently departed Apostle Ezekiel Guti, founding churches far and wide.

“The young men that I’m talking about according to what God had originally decided this young man was supposed to inherit the mantle of the Apostle who departed recently so that’s why he was attacked at an early stage demons they knew that, very high-level evil spirits they knew that. He was supposed to inherit that mantle and found churches all over the place. That was his calling. He’s not even a prophet they identify him as a prophet his actual calling is that of an Apostle,” Dr. Ian Ndlovu disclosed.

Watch Dr Ian Ndlovu’s full prophecy below:

In response, Prophet Passion Java reacted strongly, offering a cash reward on Facebook to anyone who could provide a video of themselves assaulting Dr Ian Ndlovu.

“Anondipa video achirova prophet Peter Ndlovu ndomupa 2k USD,” Java wrote on Facebook.

Interestingly, the prophecy comes after Passion Java’s recent prediction regarding the passing of opposition politician Nelson Chamisa. Java urged Zimbabweans to take this prophecy seriously and pray for Chamisa to be spared.-iharare

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