Malloti asks for blood as she grabs Hwinza’s social media accounts

Hwinza’s girlfriend Malloti has locked him out of his social media accounts as a result of their public argument, which has taken a nasty turn.

Malloti clarified her conduct and talked about her most recent arrest for alleged theft in a series of Instagram stories.

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In one Instagram story, the curvaceous beautician firmly stated that she wouldn’t return the Lula Lula hitmaker’s social media accounts and challenged him to reclaim them “in blood.”

“Im not giving you your accounts back. Don’t bother calling me. If you want your accounts come get it back in blood. I ain’t no weak ass b*tch. Don’t play with me. I was only showing you my soft side coz i loved and respected you. Come get it nack in blood,” she wrote in one Instagram story.

Malloti clarified that her actions aren’t driven by revenge for the damage Hwinza caused to her car in a fit of rage. Instead, all she wants is a public apology from him. She accused Hwinza of disrespecting and humiliating her.

“I can afford to fix my car. I have 2 cars. So you know this sh*t got nothing to do with money or fixing the car but an apology zvayo. You talk sh*t to please the world embarrassing me to please your friends. Now you’re calling me wawega after disrespecting me like that. The nerve 😂😂like i said i just loved you chete but that doesn’t mean that I’m stupid. You can keep your apology and I’ll keep the accounts, that’s a fair deal isn’t it? I’ll see you on 2 November at court, and if you don’t show up yll gonna get arrested for lying to the law,” Malloti wrote on her Instagram stories.

Regarding her theft charges, Malloti explained that Hwinza conspired with the complainant to have her arrested. She mentioned that when she took the clothes, both Hwinza and the complainant were present, and she even gave him money to purchase new merchandise for his clothing store.

“I went to a store and took 10 t-shirts and 6 jeans, that was the only staff in stock hanty kutokupai mari yangu yekuHodha its because business raraBrocker. After that you got someone else to open a docket for unlawful entry and armed robbery yet when i took those clothes yll were present when i took the clothes. The detective who was handling the case told me that you gave him 50usd to get me arrested uchitoda kuti undidzimire Mike on live on a national radio station just to embarrass me yet i never said anything bad about you, coz unlike you I’m not a groupie I don’t live my life to please friends. And he said mari yenyu ishoma. The docket stated that the staff i took was worth 2 000usd and yll wanted to bribe the officers so that i don’t get bail. Luckily i got a lawyer. I stated everything in my statement and yll were called as witnesses and you didn’t show up for court,” she explained.

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