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“Senzo Meyiwa fighting from the grave”: Longwe Twala reportedly goes mad

Longwe Twala who was in the home of Kelly Khumalo in Vosloorus when Meyiwa was gunned down on October 26, 2014 has reportedly gone insane.

Pictures alleged to be of Twala are circulating on social media.

The son of South Africa’s music legend Chicco Twala is no stranger to controversy and this time Mzansi is unforgiving.

Who is Longwe Twala?

Longwe Twala is the son of South African musician Sello “Chicco” Twala. Longwe is famous for being in the house when former South African football star Senzo Meyiwa was killed in an armed robbery attack at his girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo’s home.

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He is also the sister of South Africa Disc Jockey and musician, Nowie Zanele, professionally called DJ Z’ne.

Longwe has also shown South Africa his musical talent. He has been involved in the creation of several songs, including “Mina Ngohlala Ngi Nje,” “Wewe (African Wedding),” “Lekwaito,” “Mina Ngohlala Nginje (Home Mix),” and “Mina Nawe.”

Longwe Twala goes mad

Longwe Twala in pictures

Pictures circulating on social media claim that he has gone insane and South Africans have shown no remorse.

The pictures were shared on X by Serendipity with a caption;

U longwe Twala Usaba nje?😳😳😳

Below are some of the comments by South Africans;


kowkie_b 👸🏾@Triciakoki

Thank you Senzo fight ntse o restile


Senzo is fighting for himself since the justice system is failing him

Marcia thejane@tseepati

Finally Senzo is fighting with the help of his father 🕊️🕊️



If this is really him, may he not find peace & struggle even more yena and all those who were in that house the night Senzo was killed.


If it’s him, i think this is better than prison. The case can dragg on till he suffers so much that he confesses, then rest in peace 👌🏽


But he’s always been this way, because of the drugs. The dad was the one fighting it always taking him to rehab.

Twala’s long history with drugs

In November 2022, Longwe Twala was placed in a rehabilitation centre to deal with his drug addiction and he was set to testify.

His father Chicco Twala confirmed his rehabilitation and said he was ready to testify in the Senzo Meyiwa trial.

“He has been OK for the past one-and-a-half years. He is clean now. I think he will be ready to stand in the witness box and speak.”

Meyiwa was fatally shot at his then girlfriend Kelly Khumalo’s family home in Vosloorus on the East Rand on October 26 2014. The singer, her mother Ntombi, sister Zandie and Zandie’s then boyfriend Longwe, as well as Meyiwa’s friends Mthokozisi Twala and Tumelo Madlala, were in the house watching soccer and eating a home-cooked meal, according to evidence before the Pretoria high court.

Madlala, the first eyewitness to take the stand, testified that two intruders entered the home. The first pointed a gun at them, demanding money and cellphones. Madlala said Longwe stood up and ran towards the gunman, pushing him. The second one was pinned against the wall by Meyiwa who had tried to fight them off.

Chicco, who worked with Khumalo, was one of the first people to hear of the murder and had consoled the “traumatised” singer afterwards.

Five men are on trial on charges of murder, attempted murder, robbery and possession of illegal firearms: Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, Mthokoziseni Maphisa and Sifisokuhle Nkani Ntuli.

During cross-examination of Madlala, the defence suggested the gun that killed Meyiwa was brought into the house by Longwe, though he was not the shooter.

Chicco rejected the assertion, saying: “I have never seen my son with a weapon.”

Madlala also denied this version of events.


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