SAMA awards not taking place

The South African Music Awards, which are held in Durban in November, will no longer be hosted by the KwaZulu-Natal government.

This, according to reports follows a widespread concern by opposition parties who objected to the amount of money the province administration intended to spend on the ICC event.

Earlier this month Sizwe Dhlomo shared insights on how much is needed for the production, highlighting how many sectors in the KZN could benefit from the event.

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iboniso Duma, the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, declared the cancellation and said that the R28 million and other sums being floated were a part of a misinformation campaign.

He continued by saying that the Department of Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs and Treasury had verified the exact amount, which was roughly R20 million before VAT. He explained that this figure was based on “our last consultation as we have repeatedly stated that we have ongoing consultations”.

“As an executive authority, having consulted widely with the executive council and other stakeholders, I have advised the department to stop the hosting of the South African Music Awards this year,”

“Senior Management has been mandated to engage with the Recording Industry of South Africa and report back to me as an executive authority. We will also report to the KZN Executive Council as the hosting of the SAMA Awards was a collective decision.”

“The R28 million and other figures being thrown around are part of a campaign of disinformation. This is aimed at sowing confusion.”

“The actual amount of money that has been confirmed by Treasury and EDTEA is around R20 million before VAT. This amount of money is based on our last consultation as we have repeatedly stated that we have ongoing consultation.” said Economic Development and Tourism MEC Siboniso Duma during a media briefing on Wednesday.

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